Stamtavle (Pedigree) for: Whoops A Daisy  Fdt (born):
Far (Sire):
Kinvale Sunseeker
Lynwater Rising Sun
Lynwater Blue Rebel
Bitcon Troubador
Lynwater Tiger Lily
Lynwater Sun Glow
Lynwater Salior
Lynwater Dawn Shimmer
Lynwater Almond
Lynwater Sun Shade
Lynwater Tiger Moth
Night Escapade Of Lynwater
Lynwater Marzipan
Lynwater Flute
Lynwater Secrets Out
Mor (Dame):
Afterglow Blue Pearl
Afterglow Duane Dibbley
Cleavehill Pot Of Gold
Beligar Pot Black
Canyonn Christina
Afterglow Pickled Lady
Laicsyde Laserdrome
Kayess Dixies Darling
Jarrovian Clovers Sweet
Classicway Chat-Line at Knightward
Midnight Blue Horizon Of Classicway
Classicway Carrie Ann
Kirkhill Lavender Blue
Blue Babycham Of Kirkhill
Cream Carmella of Kirkhill

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