Stamtavle (Pedigree) for: Manacas Beat About the Bush  Fdt (born): 2005
Far (Sire):
Travis Vital Spark
Tomboys Tailor Made
Tomboys Try to Night
Travis Tribute to Helenwood
Tomboys Just For You
Tomboys Brown Betty Boop
Parisade Chocolate Sonnet
Travis Neon Light
Leavenworth It S A Pleasure
Leavenworth Lucky Strike
Leavenworth Secret Kisses
Travis Fools Game
Travis Tribute to Helenwood
Travis Foolish Pleasure
Mor (Dame):
Manacas Rain or Shine
Northworth A True Ashgrove
Raccoons Quite A Bomb
Yolandas Spokesman
Raccoons Believe in Me
Ashgrove Captivating
Kedgwick Kaptivator
Ashgrove Down Under
Manacas Alice in Chains
Stocdale American Prayer
Lynwater Tiger Moth
Lara De Campollano
Manacas Chain Reaction
Carillo Chubby Checker
Northworth Leisure Maid

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